It’s the “Let’s go Brandon” Meme Has Taken Over the Internet This is What It Does

Sometimes in the workplace errors can occur. Even the most careful of us! We can make mistakes now and again. Most times, these slip-ups are minor things that we can forget about and forget about. Sometimes, it’s not so easy. If you are in the public or are visible to the public tiny mistakes can turn into viral memes.

It’s exactly what was happening in the case of”Let’s Go Brandon,” the “Let’s Take Brandon” meme, which has been making its way through the internet due to Twitter. What does it mean? An incident that occurred in an interview with the NASCAR driver has entangled with the political scene and added new energy to a song about the president.

What exactly does “Let’s Be Brandon” means?

As per Know Your Meme, “Let’s Go Brandon” is a quote from an interview featuring NASCAR driver Brandon Brown and NBC that took place in the month of October. 2021. Brandon Brown had just won his first race in the NASCAR Xfinity Series. As the race progresses, the fans could be heard shouting “F–k Joe Biden!”

However, in an attempt to be professional the interviewer Kelli Stavast, claimed her audience was shouting “Let’s take off, Brandon!”

“Brandon I also heard you tell me — and I could hear the cheers of people in the audience,” Kelli says before the camera pans towards the crowd. In the video it is clear that the crowd chanting, “F–k Joe Biden!” However, Brandon seems to not pay attention.

So far as of now, neither Brandon or Kelli has been able to respond in any way to this meme. And it’s not known if she was actually misinterpreting the crowd, or if she was trying to conceal the chants they were making.

Since a while the public has been shouting “F–k Joe Biden” as a method to protest the 45th president U.S. Know Your Meme claims that this began to occur about the time of Aug. 2021. Newsweek mentions that the protest erupted during an NFL game. Out Kick says the chants are “taking over the college football field” and are now making the rounds at baseball games, too.

“Let’s go Brandon” is now a meme.

Since that the web is … an internet-connected thing, “Let’s Go Brandon” became a viral meme. It’s been found on a variety of t-shirts as well as photographshopped onto at least one image from AOC’s Tax the Rich dress from the 2021 Met Gala.

NBC reporter attempts desperate damage control as crowd chants “F Joe Biden”

— Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) October 3, 2021

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The best memes are usually on Twitter. On Twitter, “Let’s Go Brandon” is ad-libbed across images from Wheel of Fortune, Google results, images from Donald Trump, and more. The chant doesn’t end there. The chant is also taking part in all kinds of events throughout the United States.

The hashtag #LetsGoBrandon has been added to videos with crowds chanting “F–k Joe Biden.” There’s even an “Let’s go Brandon” billboard.

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